Carpenter Wharton

A Real Loyalist

Carpenter Wharton and Isaac were named together as Loyalists, but Carpenter may well have been one of the many American's who were loyal to the crown. In the beginning of the problems on 6th July, 1776, Carpenter was listed as Commissary in the Continental Army., but by 26th June, 1777, he had been charged with treason and ordered to "settle his accounts". There is some interesting correspondence between Carpenter and George Washington on both his accounts and the accounts of the Army. Since, Carpenter married Elizabeth Davis at Christ Church April 13, 1771, it is unlikely that he was a member of the Society of Friends at this time, since marrying away from the meeting caused one to be reprimanded and in some instances "cast out".  

Elizabeth and Carpenter had at least two children:

Thomas Carpenter died November 14, 1827, m. Ann Green
John born Bef. 1774, m. Nancy Craig (see below)

  1. William Craig b. May 07, 1811, Philadelphia died May 1891, MA m. Nancy Willing Spring
  2. Mary Craig b. August 24, 1814, died June 30, 1874 m. James Samuel Wadsworth
  3. Thomas Carpenter b. April 1819