John Wharton (2)



A ship builder by trade, during the Revolution , John built two men-of-war for the navy, The Experiment and the Washington. He was a member fo the Continental Navy Board 1778-1780.

In the Papers of the Continental Congress, No. 37, folio 455.] Page 47

The Board of Admiralty, to whom was referred the letter of  J. Wharton , delivered in a report; Whereupon,  Admiralty Office Jan. y . 9 th . 1781 .

The Board of Admiralty to whom the letter of John Wharton Esq r . to the Honorable the Congress of the 4 th . Instant respecting his resignation is referred beg leave to report--That it is not without regret they find themselves called upon to attend to the proposed resignation of M r . Wharton who hath been so long, and so diligent a member of the Navy Board, but in compliance with their duty they would observe, that as from his first appointment he hath been principally employed in that branch of the business, which respects the equipping and fitting out ships, they cannot conceive that he ought to be constrained to keep his seat at that Board for the purpose of settling its accounts, and therefore they submit to Congress this Resolution.

Ordered , That the resignation of John Wharton be accepted.

And whereas the business of the Navy Board, by its present constitution cannot proceed, in case M r . Wharton's resignation should be accepted, unless a member should be chosen in his room, or the only present member James Reed Esq r . be clothed with authority to conduct the same, and as from the information of M r . Reed, it appears to be altogether impracticable for him to settle the accounts of the Navy Board without a suitable Clerk, the Board of Admiralty therefore, provided that the aforegoing Resolution should be agreed to by Congress, and they should not think it proper to appoint a member in the room of M r . Wharton, beg leave to submit the following Resolution.

On June 24, 1761, in Philadelphia,  John married Rebecca Chamless, daughter of Anthony and (?) Chamless. Rebecca  died 1814 outliving John who died October 22, 1799 in Philadelphia. John and Rebecca had two children both named Chamless, Chamless (1) born 1769, died April 20, 1775. Chamless (2) born 1780 died October 22, 1802 in Philadelphia. Rebecca's will was proved November 08, 1814.

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