Charles Doughty Wharton

First in Sunbury, Northumberland, PA

From the History of  Northumberland:

CHARLES DOUGHTY WHARTON, Sr. (deceased), was an active and well known figure in the business life of Sunbury for many years as proprietor of what was in his day known as the "Washington Hotel," now the "Neff House." He conducted one of the best hotels in the district, where few men enjoyed wider acquaintance or more deserved popularity. A native of Philadelphia, Pa., born Feb. 27, 1798, Mr. Wharton when a young man came from that city to Sunbury, of which place he continued to be a resident until his death, which occurred when he was in his prime, June 10, 1847. On Oct. 19, 1821, he married Maria Donnel, who was born in Sunbury Oct. 10, 1803. She died in Sunbury, and they are buried in the old cemetery at Sunbury. Twelve children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Wharton, six dying unnamed.

The others were :

Charles was one of a group of Whartons who invested in land in the Northumberland area and it is said the family lost a great deal on these investments as they over estimated the desire for expansion. I have in my possession letters from family members to Charles concerning these investments. What ever the case, Charles seems to have been happy in Sunbury and his family remained in the region until the early 1900's.