Durell Jordan Wharton

Obit date and source unknown

Durell Jordan Wharton, only surviving member of the family of Charles Doughty Wharton, Sr., was born in Sunbury Sept. 18, 1843. He learned shoemaking, and has followed that trade all his life. Like his brother, he served his country faithfully during the Civil war, becoming a soldier in the 3d Pennsylvania Artillery. On June 8, 1868, he married Isabella Thompson, daughter of Samuel Thompson, of Sunbury, and she died Dec. 10, 1910, aged fifty-nine years, nine months, five days. By this union there were three children: Annie Jordan, born April 6, 1870, who died April 1, 1871; Mary L., born April 16, 1872; and Henry Donnel, born Jan. 1, 1874, who died April 25, 1877.

Marriage Announcement for Mary Louise

Mary L. Wharton, daughter of Durell J. Wharton, was married Feb.22, 1911, to Charles Caldwell, who was born at Columbia, Pa., Sept. 5, 1873, a son of Joseph R. and Emma F. Caldwell, residents of Columbia. Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell took an extensive wedding trip, through the South, visiting among other places Washington, D. C. and Old Point Comfort. Mr. Caldwell is a whole sale dealer in cigars in Sunbury, manufacturer of the well known brand El-Serena, and does a large business. Mrs. Caldwell is an active worker in the Presbyterian church, and highly respected among a large circle of friends and acquaintances. She owns her home at No. 242 Chestnut street.