William Fisher, 1st, the ancestor of this family, came from the town of Ross in Herefordshire, England, to America. He arrived in Philadelphia in 1684. Dec. 7, 1686, he married Bridget Hodgkins, daughter of Millicent Hodgkins, of Philadelphia, who came from Worcester, England, July 28, 1683, with her two daughters Hannah and Bridget. William Fisher died Jan. 14, 1728. His wife died July 27, 1725. They had five children. Of these William Fisher, 2d, married Tabitha Janney, daughter of Henry Janney, of Cheshire, England, Feb. 27, 1709. He died June 9, 1734. She died June 5, 1744. They had three children. Of these William Fisher, 3d, married Sarah Coleman Nov. 23, 1738. The Colemans were a well-connected family from the Isle of Wight. William Fisher, 3d, was born 1718, died 1787. His wife was born July 6, 1718, died April 21, 1806. He was elected common councilman Oct. 6, 1767; alderman Oct. 4, 1774; mayor of Philadelphia Oct. 5, 1773. Signed the Non-importation Resolutions Oct. 25, 1765; member Schuylkill Fishing Co. 1747.