Commandant of the Marine Corps

FROM: Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1789-1873 MONDAY, June 25, 1798. Page 281

The following written messages were received from the President of the United Slates, by Mr. Malcom, his Secretary:
Gentlemen of the Senate :
I nominate Franklin Wharton , of Pennsylvania, to be a Lieutenant of Marines, in the Navy.


Franklin Wharton was appointed Colonel Commandant of the US Marine Corps under the administration of James Madison. 1804-1818. His obituary gives us some feeling for the kind of man he was and what kind of esteem he was held in by his peers.
Death Notice: Washington DC National Intelligencer:

At New York on the 1st Instant; Lt. Col Franklin Wharton Commandant of the Marine Corps. and for many years a resident of the headquarters of the corps in this city. His conduct through life was marked with every virtue that could dignify the man; and the sincere affection of his numerous relatives and friends bears ample testimony to the amiable and honorable qualities of his heart. He has left six sons to lament the loss of a father whose paternal care and kindness were most exemplary. Respected and beloved by those who knew him well, the society of Washington will long lament, in the decease of Colonel Wharton, the loss of one its most benevolent and hospitable members.

Franklin married Mary Clifton October 01, 1800 Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA. She died August 31, 1813 in Washington, D.C., he died five years later September 01, 1818, in New York City. I have for some time tried to find the parents of Mary - but to no avail. The children were quite young when their parents died and it would be interesting to know who raised them. One clue may be that Alfred Clifton Wharton changed his name to Alfred Wharton Clifton. If one could determine Mary's parents it might shed some light on this issue.

The children of Mary and Franklin:

Clifton born October 22, 1801, m. Oliveretta Ormsby
George Washington born May 12, 1803 m. Emmeline Davis Stout
Franklin born June 03, 1804, died October 17, 1847, Algiers m. Mary Walker(1),  Mary Jane Baylor(2), Octavie Duverge(3)
William Lewis born December 17, 1805, died October 04, 1846, m. Ellen Jones Brearley
Ellen Clifton born May 18, 1807, died January 07, 1808
Alfred Clifton born June 01, 1810, died March 30, 1854 m. Adelaide Charlotte Passage
Henry F. born September 27, 1811, died March 23, 1886, m. Ellen G. Nugent