May 30, 1778 The Pennsylvania Gazette


On Sunday last the remains of His Excellency THOMAS WHARTON, junior, Esquire, President of the Supreme Executive Council of the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania, Captain General and Commander in Chief, in and over the same, was interred in the Evangelical Trinity Church in this Borough (the Elders and Vestry of that Church having politely requested that the body might there be interred.)

The Corpse being brought out and placed on the Bier, a Signal was given, and the Artillery on the Common began to fire Minute guns, (which was continued during the Procession, Forty four Guns being fired. - The Bier being taken up*, The Procession moved forward in the following order, viz.

Two Serjeants with arms reversed.
Lieutenant and Ensign.
Band and Music
Fife and Drums.
Soldiers - in four Divisions, ten deep, Arms reversed.
Captain of the Company.
The CORPSE covered with a Pall --- the Pall supported by Six Members of the Council.
His Excellency Brother.
The Honorable the Vice President --- attended by the Secretary on his left Hand.
The remaining Members of Council.
The State Treasurer and Judges of the Supreme Court.
Such of the Delegates of the State, in Congress, as were in the Borough.
The Honorable Speaker of the House of General Assembly -the Clerk of the House on his left hand.
Members of the House of General Assembly.
Doorkeeper of the Council and of the House of Assembly.
Corporation of the Borough, and Magistrates of the County.
Coroner and Prothonotary of the County.
Gentlemen of the Law.
Officers of the Army and Navy.

When the grave was closed, three volleys were fired, and the Military retired. --- The whole was conducted with a solemn decorum, becoming the occasion.

The attention paid by Col. George Gibson, Lieut. Col. Stephen Bayard, and Lieut. Col. James Ross, and Captains Brown and Huston, in conducting the Military, on the occasion of His ExcellencyFuneral, did them Honor; and the Gentlemen of the borough, in their military character, made a very handsome appearance.

It is said that a funeral oration, in honour of our worthy and much lamented President, will be ordered to be delivered some time during the next sitting of General Assembly.

*The affection which the House of Assembly had for his Excellency, would not permit his body to be carried by persons hired for that purpose: Twelve Members of the House bore his remains to the grave.