George Wharton

and the

Mysterious Mary Doughty

As George is my fourth great grandfather, this is a line very near and dear to me and very elusive as little is known about George or is wife Mary Doughty.

George was born after 1765, Mary in 1777.  It is reported that she was the daughter of James Doughty but her mother is unknown.  Together the couple had eight children:

Jane m. Daniel Morris (1), by whom she had two children Sarah and Robert, both died young. Thomas Pickering(2)
Joseph Wharton m. unknown, Trieste, Austria he had at least one daughter Mary
Margaret Doughty  died November 14, 1879, Philadelphia, m. David Stuart
Rebecca Louisa
George m. unknown two sons George and Richard
Charles Doughty born February 27, 1789, died June 10, 1847, Sunbury, PA. m. Marie Donnel

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