Hannah Wharton
1753 - 1788

Through Hannah and later her first cousin Nancy the Whartons and the Fishers where united through marriage. There was an old saying about the Hapsburg Royal House during the glory days of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire that went: "let others wage war, you oh Happy Austria marry!" Well, the Whartons weren't heading an empire but they certainly married  into most of the other major families in Philadelphia. The Fishers were just one more example.

Hannah married James Cowles Fisher,  January 05, 1785. He was born October 10, 1756. Unfortunately Hannah died three years later in 1788. Prior to her death the couple had one son.

William Wharton born October 01, 1786 m Mary Pleasants Fox.

After Hannah's death James married Nancy Wharton December 20, 1804, Nancy was the daughter of  Joseph Wharton and Sarah Tallman and Hannah's first cousin. I do not show any children from this marriage.