Henry F. Wharton

Colonel USA

Major 2 Del inf.9 Sept 1861 to 1 Dec 1863

Born September 27, 1811, Henry married  Ellen G. Nugent January 13, 1841,

VILLAGE RECORD January 19, 1841

Marriage On Wednesday morning, the 13th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Ducachet, Lieut. Henry F. Wharton , of the 6th Regt. U S Infantry, to ELLEN G. NUGENT, daughter of George Nugent, Esq. of Montgomery county.

Before Henry's death March 23, 1886, the couple had three children.

George who died 1859

Ellen Clifton m. William Moore Wharton

Henry Clifton born November 1842, died April 1870 Note:

Alphabetical List of Officers of the Regular Army (From Its Organization, September 29, 1789, to 1903) Who Were Killed or Wounded in Action or Taken Prisoner, With Date and Place. W. page 160

Wharton, Henry C., lt col 1 U S vet vol engrs.