Isaac Wharton
Charged with Treason

Born September 15, 1745 in Philadelphia, the fate of  Isaac was similar to William and other Quaker businessmen during the revolution, in that his name also appears on the list of  Pennsylvanians charged with treason during the Revolution. On November 14, 1786, Isaac married Margaret Rawle at Friends Meeting House. Margaret was a descendant of another old Philadelphia family, the daughter of Francis Rawle and Rebecca Warner.

The notion that Isaac was a successful businessman can be gleaned from the following reference:

                 "In 1796, Henry Pratt bought the mansion of Isaac Wharton, the father of the late Thomas I Wharton,                    Esq,  remodeled modernized and freshened it to distinction above its neighbors, so that No 112  knew                      not its former state."

The notion that Isaac was an active member of the Society of Friends is clearly illustrated in this excerpt from the yearly meeting:

                 Yearly Meeting held in Philadelphia for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, and the western parts                 of  Maryland and Virginia dated the fourth day of the tenth month 1783. Call to congress to abolish                         slavery signed by Isaac Wharton

Before his death in Philadelphia, March 31, 1808, Isaac and Margaret had five children most notable among them Thomas Isaac the noted lawyer. The children:

Francis Rawle born January 11, 1788, died February 10, 1862, m. Julianna Matilda Gouverneur
Hannah Margaret born July 07, 1789, October 14, 1875, Philadelphia
Thomas Isaac born May 17, 1791, Philadelphia, died April 07, 1856 m. Arabella Griffith
Joseph born April 29, 1793, died 1822
Rebecca Shoemaker born September 01, 1795, died July 16, 1846, m. Jacob Ridgeway Smith

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