John Wharton (1)

John, following in his father's footsteps was a merchant and saddlemaker  the following piece from the Pennsylvania Gazette gives some feeling for his holdings.

The Pennsylvania Gazette,  April 5, 1749

Philadelphia, April 5. 1749. To be sold by John Wharton, by publick vendue, at David Cowpland, in Chester, on the 15th of this month, a Brick house and kitchen, two story high, with a large brick shop adjoining to the said house, with a good draw well, and other conveniences, and a lot of ground belonging to the same, 72 feet front on Front street, extending westerly from said street 370 feet to Chester creek, with a good tanyard, and bark stone, a conveniency of water, houses, and other things suitable to carry on the said business: Also between 8 and 9 acres of land in the said town, joining upon Joseph Parker lots, in which there is about 3 acres and a half of upland meadow, planted with about 130 good bearing apple trees, generally grafted; the remaining 5 acres good drainmeadow, lying upon Ridley creek: Likewise two acres and a half of upland meadow in the Borough of Chester, joining south with the lot of Edward Russel, north upon Jacob Howell, on Concord road, under good fence.

John married Mary Dobbins , November 02, 1727,  in Chester Co., PA. Whether they were Friends I do not know as the family split between the Friends and the Anglicans (Episcopalians).  Born  in 1696,  Mary was the daughter of  James and Mary (?) Dobbins. Despite numerous efforts I have been unable to trace the Dobbins family beyond what is presented here.  Prior to their deaths John in 1761 and Mary  January 10, 1763 the couple had five children.

       John born 1732 , Chester Co, PA , died October 22, 1799, Philadelphia m. Rebecca Chamless
        James born 1732, Chester Co, PA, died May 1785, Philadelphia , m. Mary Hogg(1), Christina Redd(2)
        Thomas born 1735, Chester Co., PA, died May 22, 1778, Lancaster, PA, m. Susannah Lloyd(1),  
                           Elizabeth Fishbourne(2)
        Rachel  born aft. 1736,  m. William Crispin
        Mary born  aft. 1737, m. Joseph Baxter

When John died in 1761, the following notice appeared.

The Pennsylvania Gazette, September 3, 1761

ALL Persons who have any Demands against JOHN WHARTON , late of this City Merchant, are desired to bring in their Accounts to the Subscribers for Payment. And those who are indebted to him by Bond, Bill or Book Debt, are requested to discharge the same. THOMAS WHARTON ,  SAMUEL WHARTON ,  JOSEPH  WHARTON,  junior.

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