Joseph Wharton (1)


Joseph was a very successful business merchant. In the last years of his life he retired to his country estate Walnut Grove, which soon after his death was made famous by the Meschianza.  

Joseph also had a comfortable home at 119 Lombard Street in Philadelphia which passed to his son William upon his death.

It is the off -spring of Joseph Wharton who became dynamic forces in the Society of Friends for over a century. This is in part no doubt do to the fact that Joseph's first wife was Hannah Carpenter whom he married March 05, 1728/29 at the Philadelphia Meeting House, Philadelphia, PA. Hannah was the daughter of  John and Ann Hoskins Carpenter, active members of the faith.

With Hannah, Joseph had eleven children, all presumed in Philadelphia:

Thomas born January 15, 1730/31, died 1782, Philadelphia m. Rachel Medcalf
Samuel born May 03, 1732, died 1800, m.Sarah Lewis
Joseph born March 21, 1732/33, died 1816, m. Sarah Tallman
Rachel born June 07, 1736, died Bef. June 1737 buried January 06, 1736/37
John born January 17, 1737/38 m. Mary Cutler
William born March 12, 1739/40, died Bef. January 21, 1805, m. Susannah Medcalf (sister of Rachel)
George born March 13, 1740/41, died March 17, 1741/42
Charles born January 11, 1742/43, died March 15, 1838, m. Jemima Edwards(1), Elizabeth Richardson(2), Hannah Redwood(3),
Isaac born September 15, 1745, died March 31, 1808, m. Margaret Rawle
Carpenter born August 30, 1747, died April 06, 1780, m. Elizabeth Davis
Benjamin born February 12, 1748/49, died September 08, 1754

Hannah died July 14, 1751 and Joseph remarried June 07, 1754 Hannah Owen who was born May 16, 1720. She was the daughter of Robert Owen and Susannah Hudson Owen and the widow of  John Ogden whom she married August 23, 1740 at Philadelphia Meeting House.  Hannah Owen Ogden had two children by John Ogden -- William and Ogden. With Joseph  Hannah had seven more children:

Mary  m. William Sykes
Robert born January 12, 1757, died March 07, 1834, m. Salome Chancellor
Benjamin born April 29, 1759
James born January 03, 1761
Rachel born August 27, 1762, died 1836,  m. William Lewis
Hudson born February 21, 1765, died August 10, 1771
Franklin born July 23, 1767, died September 01, 1818 in NYC, m. Mary Clifton

Joseph died July 27, 1776  and was buried at Friends Ground. Hannah died January 1791.

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