Providing Wholesome Water to the City of Philadelphia

Born 1766 in Philadelphia, Kearney Wharton was elected President of the Common Council of Philadelphia Oct. 16, 1798. In 1788 his name was affixed to an address from the Select and Common Council on the subject of supplying the city with wholesome water and subsequently to An Ordinance Providing for the raising of a Sum of Money on Loan for Providing Wholesome Water to the City of Philadelphia.

November 11, 1795, Kearney married Maria Salter. Born 1765 Maria was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Gordon Salter. They were married at Magnolia Grove Tacony, PA, John Salter's estate. Kearny died January 04, 1848, she died June 16, 1867. From this marriade there were six children.

Thomas Lloyd  born 1799, died July 27, 1869, m. Sarah Ann Smith
John Salter born 1799,  died August 10, 1835
Lloyd born February 25, 1801, Philadelphia, died September 27, 1855, Philadelphia m Margaret Ann Howell
Elizabeth Salter born 1803, died May 01, 1877 m. Thomas Morris
George Salter, born 1811, died August 07, 1844
James Salter born 1817,