Samuel Wharton

Benjamin Franklin's Friend

Like Gov. Wharton, Samuel played a major role in the early history of our country. Far too much material is available to be added here but please do contact me for more details.

From Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949; Biographies

WHARTON, Samuel, a Delegate from Delaware; born in Philadelphia, Pa., May 3, 1732; received a liberal schooling; engaged in mercantile pursuits; goods of the firm with which he was associated were destroyed by the Indians and for indemnification a large tract of land bordering on the Ohio River and comprising about one-fourth of the present State of West Virginia was made over to him; signed the nonimportation resolutions of 1765; while in England to secure a confirmation of the grant some of his correspondence with Benjamin Franklin was discovered and, with Franklin, he was forced to flee to France; returned to Philadelphia in 1780; Member of the Continental Congress from Delaware in 1782 and 1783; justice of the peace for the district of Southwark 1784-1786; judge of the court of common pleas 1790-1791 and resigned in the latter year; died at his country home near Philadelphia, Pa., in March 1800.

Samuel married Sarah Lewis daughter of Stephen Lewis and Rebecca Hussey. Together they had six children.

Stephen died March 24, 1755, in Philadelphia
Rebecca, m. Chamless Allen, June 07, 1798 NEED INFO
Martha died November 03, 1821, m.Samuel B. Shaw
   Notes on Martha: She and Samuel were married before 1814 and had two children:

  1. Sarah Lewis Shaw
  2. Samuel Shaw

I have no information on Samuel or what happened to the children sure could use help here!

Samuel Lewis born February 14, 1759 m. Rachel McCulloch (also wife of  Chamless Allen above)
Hannah born 1762, died April 06, 1764, Philadelphia