A note on sources

For over five years I have been digging into the Whartons of Philadelphia , during that time I have come across numerous sources and tidbits from fellow researchers. Because the sources are numerous I am listing here, as best as possible,  all the sources I have used to put together the material on these pages, rather than repeat them over and over. If you can suggest additional ones for fellow researchers please email me and I will add them.  I am of course very grateful to my fellow internet digger's who have provided information and regret I can not list them all. Researching one's  family never ends! Where you can link directly to the source I have highlighted the reference so just click and go, but be sure to come back!

Two references of special note:

The Wharton's of Philadelphia, Anna H. Wharton, 1880 JB Lippincott (I have a copy and will do look-ups) This is the primary reference for early Whartons

Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College this collection which includes access to Bryn Mawr, Haverford  and the Univ. of Penn. is also the location of the papers of  Joseph Wharton, industrialist. Simply a great place to work!

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy
Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789
Papers of James Madison, Vol. III
The Pennsylvania Gazette
Historic American Buildings Survey
1682 LANDS Granted by PENN to Purchasers of Eng.,Ire.,Scotland,etc
Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians
The Pennsylvania Gazette (numerous issues)
Making of America
American Memory All Collections Search
HOPEWELL FRIENDS HISTORY 1734-1934 Frederick County, Virginia
Loyalists of the American Revolution
Poulson's Advertiser
Daily Advertiser
Haverford. Pa. Monthly Meetings (Minutes)
Francis B. Heitman, Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army
Merchants of Philadelphia
Pennsylvanians Charged With Treason Revolutionary War
Papers of the Continental Congress, No. 37
Archives of the State of New Jersey, First Series, Vol. XXII,
Will Book J, page 263, Philadelphia
Meeting Minutes, Philadelphia Meeting
Papers of George Washington
Penn Papers
Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949; Biographies
Marriage Record of Christ Church, Philadelphia 1709–1806
Records of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810
The Perry/Hupp Family History
Historical Families of Philadelphia
Old Philadelphia Families
The Old York Road and its Associations, Mrs. Anne De Benneville Mears, published in 1890.
1820 Census Index Dock Ward page 027.
The romance of the two Hannahs : a paper read before The Society, August 20, 1923 / by Anna Wharton Morris Newport, R.I. : Newport Historical Society, 1923
Iron in the pines: The story of New Jersey's ghost towns and bog iron by Arthur D. Pierce
Pennsylvania Genealogies
The Colonial Society of Pennsylvania 1931
First Settlers of Newton Township New Jersey
DAR Membership
Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey
Numerous IGI and Census Reports
Americans of Royal Descent, Charles H. Browning