Thomas Wharton...first to Philadelphia

The name of the ship is unknown but according to various sources Thomas Wharton arrived in 
Philadelphia in 1683-84. According to Thomas's 3rd great granddaughter, Anne H. Wharton in 
her extensive work The Wharton's of Philadelphia, 
published in 1880, Thomas was the son of Richard 
Wharton of Kellorth, Orton, Westmorelandshire, Eng.
and that he was baptized October 16, 1664 at All Saints Church
in Orton,(right). An article in the DAR Magazine refers
to him as Sir Thomas and shows him as the son of 
George. So the parents of Thomas is our first mystery.
Anne seemed rather certain citing the church records
having been inspected by a cousin. But she also states
that while she had hoped to find the link to the Wharton's of Westmoreland she would leave it 
to future generations. That's us! 

Thomas was a member of the Society of Friends although he had been baptized into the Anglican 
faith. At what time he became a Quaker is not know, but he remained in the faith all his life.
On January 20, 1688/89 Thomas married Rachel Thomas at Bank Meeting House, Philadelphia, PA.
Rachel was born September 01, 1664 in Monmouthshire, Wales. To date her parents are unknown.
The couple where married in a the Quaker manner. Among the witnesses were Micah and James 
Thomas, Samuel Richardson, William Salway and William Southeby (a member of the Provincial 
Council), John White (Speaker of the Assembly) and William Bradford, the celebrated printer.

As the founder of a family which would figure prominently in the political life of 
Philadelphia and the nation, Thomas himself was not very political. However,he was elected
Oct. 6, 1713 a member of the Common Council of the City of Philadelphia and held that
position until his death, July 31, 1718 in Philadelphia. A successful businessman he left a
sizable estate to his wife and children in his will written February 11, 1713/14 and probated.
September 04, 1718, in Delaware Co., PA. Rachel was named as executor and the Trustees were
John Wardenr, and William Henderson. The will was witnessed by Thomas Oakley, George Plummley,
and Joseph Lawrence.

Rachel survived her husband by 30 years, dieing at age 83, June 10, 1747 in Philadelphia. 
Rachel's will was written February 05, 1741/42 and probated June 15, 1747. In her will she
names her unmarried daughter Mary as executor. The will was witnessed by Peter and
Thomas Stretch, and Joseph King.

Thomas and Rachel had eight children all born in Philadelphia:

Richard born Aft. 1689 and died unmarried March 05, 1720/21, Philadelphia
Joseph born November 25, 1689, died July 1690 and buried Friends Ground July 24, 1690
Mary born 1696 died unmarried October 10, 1763, Philadelphia
James born after 1696, died Bef. 1729
Rachel born Aft. 1696, died August 1735, Philadelphia buried August 07, 1735.
Thomas Wharton born Aft. 1696, died 1729-1730 (probably Philadelphia) m. Mary Curry
John Wharton born before 1707 died 1761, Philadelphia m. Mary Dobbins 
Joseph Wharton born August 04, 1707 died July 27, 1776, Philadelphia, PA, 
m. Hannah Carpenter(1), Hannah Owen(2)

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